A comparative study of in campus

Religious studies, the study of different religious traditions in cultural context.

One residence hall had an energy dashboard prominently displayed. Journal Article Description Purpose: Some studies have been conducted to assess the condition of church related higher education in America today, but a great deal more must be done to make an adequate assessment.

Students analyze cultural, political and economic factors in relation to directions of scientific research and technological development.

The religious dimension, as defined by scores A comparative study of in campus the Religious scale, was Important at two of the schools; and It would seem very Important for the moderately denominational school and the strongly denominational school to maintain their religious commitment and Identity.

Of particular concern was the fact that expectation scores on this scale were considerably higher than perception scores. Doctor of Education Abstract The purpose of this study was to investigate, compare and contrast the perceptions and expectations of second-semester freshmen in regard to several aspects of the campus environment at three church-related liberal arts colleges in western Michigan.

Each area of concentration includes the following: Folklore, the study of everyday forms of cultural expression. Another received various communications and programming designed to raise awareness of the need for energy conservation.

Students analyze how the intersections of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and class have shaped American culture. The review further indicated that church-related higher education appears to be caught in a period of self-doubt and uncertainty.

The purpose of this study was to determine whether, and how, electricity consumption by students in university residence halls were impacted through three intervention strategies. It also showed that students at all of the colleges In the study have come to expect sound scholarship at their colleges and have found It.

Arts and Sciences The cross-cultural and interdisciplinary field of comparative studies provides students the opportunity for critical analysis of social and cultural processes and their expression in religion, literature, media, the arts, science and technology. Robert Pacewere adapted to measure the responses of the students.

Curriculum The comparative studies undergraduate program is interdisciplinary and calls upon students to participate actively in shaping the major for themselves. In conclusion, while the scores on the scale Quality of Teaching and Faculty-Student Relationships appeared to be high at all three schools, the scores on the Campus Morale scale appeared to be sufficiently low to cause concern.

Curiously, the residence hall wherein both interventions were used demonstrated the smallest decline in electricity use.

Students broaden their understanding of cultural differences as they attend to the intersections of gender, ethnicity, race and class. The residence hall with only the dashboard also demonstrated a significant but smaller decline in electricity use.

Interested students should contact the undergraduate advisor in the Department of Comparative Studies and an undergraduate advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences. Comparative literature, the study of world literary traditions in cultural context. Focus areas Comparative cultural studies, the comparative study of cultural production in different contexts.

Two forms of the Instrument were used. The study revealed that all three schools In the study scored low on the Practicality scale.

Comparative Studies

Form A was designed to measure student perceptions of the campus environment while Form B was designed to measure student expectations of the campus environment.

A control residence hall received no intervention. Comparative ethnic and American studies, the study of ethnicity and race in the Americas. Comparative data among the colleges In the study and between the two forms of the Instrument were examined.

The colleges scored very similarly regarding perceptions and expectations on the Propriety scale. Students focus their work on relationships between religion and such areas as politics, science and technology, gender and sexuality, and race and ethnicity.

Students analyze the expressive cultures of groups—music, dance, story, food, architecture, craft, festival, custom—and how groups and the scholars who study them deploy these forms to affect relations of power.

The data generated by the study were assessed In several ways. As a means of assessing the environments of the three colleges in this study. The scores on the Community scale Indicated that a sense of community was fair to good on the three campuses In the study, while the scores on the Awareness scale were somewhat lower than those at similar schools In the national reference group.A Comparative Study of Selected Faculty and Student Perceptions of the Quality of On-Campus and University Extension Courses.

Spikes, William Franklin The study was designed to compare the quality of on-campus and off-campus courses of Northern Illinois University based upon the perceptions of selected faculty members and students.

JOURNAL OF AMERICAN COLLEGE HEALTH, VOL. 60, NO. 1 Major Article A Comparative Study of Campus Experiences of College Students With.

A comparative study of the efficacy of intervention strategies on student electricity use in campus residence halls; A comparative study of the efficacy of intervention strategies on student electricity use in campus residence halls.

A Comparative Study of Off-Campus and On-Campus Master of Arts Degree Programs in Learning Disabilities and Emotional Disturbance. A Comparative Study of Campus Experiences of College Students With Mental Illnesses Versus a General College Sample.

Mark S. Salzer PhD Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. [Taylor & Francis Online], [Web of Science ®]. A comparative study of student mobility programs in SEAMEO-RIHED, UMAP, and Campus Asia A comparative study of student mobility programs in SEAMEO-RIHED, UMAP, and Campus Asia: Regulation, challenges, and impacts on .

A comparative study of in campus
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