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Atkins appealed his death sentence to the Virginia Supreme Court, arguing that his sentence was disproportionate and the penalty excessive to the degree that it constituted cruel and unusual punishment under the Eighth Amendment. The state Supreme Court disagreed with Atkins and confirmed the death sentence.

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American Association of Mental Deficiency. The defense further stated that no person with an IQ less than 60 had ever been executed in Virginia. In this case, the majority justices declared U. Atkins appealed his sentence to the U. In Penry the court had confirmed that the death penalty for mentally retarded offenders was constitutional.

For instance, inin Roper v. Virginia is one of the most important cases debated by the U.

Atkins v. Virginia Essay

A divided court agreed with Atkins and reversed his death sentence. Any forthcoming cases that raise issues of moral culpability may also rely heavily on Atkins. Definition, Classification, and Systems of Supports. Item Response Theory for Psychologists.

This example Atkins v. They held that the death penalty is reserved for only the most serious offenders. In a 6—3 decision the court ruled this death sentence cruel and unusual.

His appeal to the Supreme Court was based on the argument that execution of mentally retarded offenders is cruel and unusual punishment. Consequently, Atkins was again sentenced to death. Simmons, the Atkins case was cited extensively by the majority justices in their decision that a death penalty for juvenile offenders constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.

It raised serious ethical issues concerning mental retardation and criminal responsibility. They argued that there was in fact a national consensus against executing mentally retarded offenders.

Daryl Renard Atkins was sentenced to death for first-degree murder despite a low IQ of 59, commonly classified within the range of mild retardation.

It appears that the court is moving toward narrowing the harshest punishment to only the most serious offenders. Such persons have a diminished moral culpability.

He testified that he had found Atkins to be of average intelligence, not mentally retarded. Supreme Court, which heard the case in Ethical Issues and Implications of Atkins Atkins is likely to increase the need for, and use of, psychological assessment, along with the legal determination of what actually constitutes mental retardation.

This death sentence was vacated by the Virginia Supreme Court because the trial court had used a misleading verdict form in which important information had been omitted. If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic please use our writing services.

The judges relied on the earlier U. It is possible that Atkins laid the basis for an increasingly narrow definition of which offenders can be deemed eligible for execution. The opinion of the court reflected a determination that mentally retarded offenders lack the mental culpability required for a death sentence.

The defendant was convicted in the original capital murder trial of armed robbery, abduction, and capital murder and sentenced to death in At the sentencing stage of his trial the prosecution presented two aggravating factors: Supreme Court regarding the death penalty.

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