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Share Via Email Published: Newsrooms are currently 30 percent smaller than they were inthe study said. The New York Times, for instance, is preparing to start charging for some of its content later this quarter. However, of the three dozen newspapers that have moved to some sort of online pay model, only one percent of users opted to pay.

The readership of Hindi dailies surged 45 per cent, to This "pass-along" rate is generally thought to be about 2. While market leader Dainik Jagran tops with 7,03,77, readers, Times of India comes at a distant 11th slot with a total readership of 1,30,47, Most legitimate dailies and weeklies are audited, meaning they bring in independent auditors, they check everything out, and certify that the circulation the publications claim are true.

The study also found that more people - 46 percent of Americans surveyed - said they get news online at least three times a week, versus 40 percent who said they get their news from newspapers and their companion websites.

The domestic newspaper market continued to defy global trends recording healthy growth numbers and have added as many as But a number of high-profile FBI investigations with major daily newspapers who seem to have inflated their circulation figures despite using one of these audit companies has cast some doubt on the validity of even these audited figures.

As per IRS report, the Dainik Jagran leads the readership, with 7,03,77, followed by the Hindustan with a total readership of 5,23, Indeed, newspaper companies such as Gannett, The New York Times and McClatchy are still reporting declines in advertising revenue when other media such as television are enjoying a rebound in ad sales.

Odia dailies added the maximum readership with 84 per cent jump over last four years from 0.

IRS 2017: Newspapers add 12 crore readers in 4 years; no English dailies in top 10

The Amar Ujala has a total readership of 4,60,94, while the Dainik Bhaskar has 4,51,05, and the Tamil paper Daily Thanthi at 2,31,49, The latest IRS report covers a full year sample size of 3. While there is not a single English daily in the top 10 table, barring three regional dailies-the Daily Thanthi 4ththe Lokmat 5th and the Malayala Manorama at seventh and the Eenadu at the ninth slot, all the top dailies are Hindi broadsheets.

English readership has grown by 10 per cent touching 2. New York - For the first time, online readership and advertising revenue has surpassed that of print newspapers. The Telugu daily Eenadu is at the ninth spot with 1,58,48, total readership, while Prabhat Khabar business report readership numbers the 10th position with a total readership of 1,34,92, The numbers were mostly supported by the Hindi dailies whose readership surged a whopping 45 per cent to The English genre market leader Times of India comes at a distant 11th spot with a total readership of 1,30,47, The fact that readership does not equal circulation is confusing to many prospective advertisers and you may find competitive publications taking advantage of that misunderstanding to look bigger than they really are.

For example, various members of a household may eventually read the same copy of a newspaper or a publication might be passed around from person to person in an office. Online advertising revenue in the United States is projected to overtake print newspaper ad revenue inaccording to the latest report, the State of the News Media, from the Pew Research Centre Project for Excellence in Journalism.

The Marathi daily Lokmat occupies the sixth place with a total readership of 1,80,66, followed by the Rajasthan Patrika with a total readership of 1,63,26, and the Malayala Manorama with a total readership of 1,59,99, To make up for lost advertising revenue and fewer people reading copies of print papers, newspapers are beginning to charge for online access to their websites.

Even when advertisers understand the difference, the circulation figures themselves can be exaggerated. Home Business IRS In their defense, the audit companies have implemented new systems to make it harder to "cook the books.

Newspapers felt that impact over the last decade, resulting in shrinking staffs including reporters and editors. The MRUC, however, said it would be unfair to compare with the past editions, due to changes in the methodology.Circulation vs.

Readership. Selling Your Publication: Circulation vs. Readership Readership/Market Survey Your Competitors Daily Newspapers Weekly Newspapers We'll talk about the difference between circulation and readership, if you can trust those numbers, and how helpful market and readership studies can be to furthering the sale.

"We have strengthened the report with additions such as total readership, readership numbers for 7 days and 3 days and the separate reporting of newspaper variants," said NP Sathyamurthy, chairman.

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Online readership overtaking newspapers

Run a free search on our database of over 27 million U.S. businesses. Online readership overtaking newspapers. the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has been adding hundreds of new domains to.

RECOMMENDED CITATION: Pew Research Center, April,“State of the News Media ” NUMBERS, FACTS AND TRENDS SHAPING THE WORLD. 1 PEW RESEARCH CENTER Pew Research Center’s State of the News Media report focuses primarily on the latter, tracking the expanding and.

What’s the difference between readership and circulation?

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Circulation is a count of how many copies of a particular publication are distributed. Circulation audits are provided by the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC).

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Business report readership numbers
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