Compare and contrast london by william blake and island man by grace nichols essay

Tenses The poem was written in the present tense. The sea is also in his country. And the whole poem was a dream about his country; about his wish to see his country. The language used in Island man is regular English. We are reminded of the grey and dismal polluted streets of London.

He saw London for the hell hole that it was through the eyes of a man that seemed to feel all the poverty and degradation of everyday life that ordinary people understood. Even though he did not have a solution to the problems, he wanted people to face up to the problems and try to work together to make their society a better place.

He has explained what he is missing here. Punctuation is used by the poet to control the rhythm and the pace. It is regular and gives a sense of control. In this line thoughts of oppression appear on individuals faces.

Compare and Contrast London by William Blake and Island Man by Grace Nichols Essay

Feelings and ideas are evoked by Grace Nichols particular choice of language. Language The poet chooses the words he uses very carefully to invoke very specific ideas.

Blake died in obscurity in and was buried in an unmarked grave at Bunhill Fields. Imagery Imagery features throughout this poem from beginning to end.

This is the complete opposite of the modern London he lived in now where people were miserable and did not revere the teachings of purity or God. Emeralds are very precious gems, they are beautiful and unique like the island to the island man.

She has worked as a teacher and a journalist and has a strong interest in Guyanese folk tales. In a short period of his life he tried to act like an English man. The new London not only lost its innocence, but it lost its happiness.

Blake and Wordsworth show this death with their profound words and their sorrowful depictions of the loss of happiness in London. The memory of his island enables him to exist in the realities of city life.

Both of these authors had different styles, but one thing was certain in their writings, London was a despicable place.

Blake explains here that these young people had no choice but to resort to prostitution. Basically, London had been corrupted by capitalism, modernization, and the industrial revolution. He perceived this London as a pure uncorrupted land. There are no rules in this poem, thought continues from one line to the other.

This is to get the point across very forcefully. Both Blake and Wordsworth use heavy imagery, but they describe this imagery using different senses. The reader can see the cheerful innocence of the old London and picture its contrast with the industrial ravaged modern London.

The poem has either a comma, full stop or colon. It was a symbol of power and majesty. Island man does not want to leave the island, it is an unpleasant experience in which the island man is confused. Throughout his poem, Wordsworth compliments Milton to praise the pre-Revolutionary London.

The word mark is used to convey two different meanings, firstly how he notices these people, and secondly the physical marks of oppression on the peoples faces. Blake looks towards the present situation of grief, and his poems reflect that sentiment.

”Old Father” by Hugh Boatswain and ”Island Man” by Grace Nichols Essay Sample

Imagery Imagery features throughout the poem. Both of the poems describe brief comparison and contrast between England and Caribbean culture. He is in London but he still can hear the sound from his heart; from his memories. Her poems celebrate sensuality and generosity, and attack petty mean-spiritedness.

And Grace Nichols narrates her passion through the Island man. Blake was preparing the reader for a powerful poem, but the power of the poem was in showing the reader how sordid their beloved city really was.

This person has strong beliefs and is prepared to stand up and speak out for those who are less fortunate than himself.

Comparison and contrast between Blake and Wordsworth’s views Essay Sample

The theme of pleasant solitude and peaceful isolation runs through this poem.Compare and contrast Blake and Wordsworth's view of London William Wordsworth and William Blake both wrote popular poems about London, but their views of it were very different, this could be because of the way they grew up.

Compare and Contrast the ways in which Blake and Wordsworth essaysThe two poets William Blake and William Wordsworth poets who lived roughly in the same time period give or take 10 years or so, but it is ironic how different their perception and portrayal of London is, Blake's poem is his view.

Owain Millard English Coursework Compare and Contrast "London" by William Blake and "Island Man" by Grace Nichols. Consider How Each Poem Conveys Alternative Attitudes To Life And Society.

Introduction The poem "London" written by William Blake ( - ) is a clever poem. Compare and Contrast London by William Blake and Island Man by Grace Nichols The Chimney Sweeper by William Blake (From Songs of Experience) Poetry Comparison Compare Blake’s ‘London’ and Wordsworth’s ‘Composed upon Westminster Bridge’.

Compare and Contrast “London” by William Blake and “Island Man” by Grace Nichols. Consider How Each Poem Conveys Alternative Attitudes To Life And Society.

William Blake- ‘London’ Essay

William Blake was born in, London, England on 28 Novemberhe was born to a middle-class family and was the third child of seven children, two of whom died in childhood. William did not go to school, and was educated by his mother at home.

Compare and contrast london by william blake and island man by grace nichols essay
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