Customer satisfaction level of grameenphone ltd

Customer Satisfaction Level of Grameenphone Ltd.

I have been working for their Customer Relations Division. Data Collection Data were gathered from both primary and secondary sources. They refined it and finalized the instrument composed of five dimensions include reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, and tangibles.

Customer satisfaction was observed in the areas like initial price, wide network etc. In spite of this, GP users are not satisfied with service of the company.

GrameenPhone is the market leader having more than 2.

Customer Satisfaction of Grameen Phone Ltd.

The questionnaire survey will be the most effective method to collect data for our study. When a product or service is introduced in the market in order to inform the customer about the product and service as well as to provide after sales service the most feasible way is customer care service.

I also collected data and necessary information by interviewing officials of GP.

The Level of Customer Satisfaction of Grameen Phone Limited - Dissertation Example

These can be treated as secondary data. Cataloged from PDF version of Internship report. The researchers developed ten general dimensions named- tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, competence, courtesy, credibility, security, access, communications, and understanding.

In developing the report, we have followed the format and instructions given by you. Includes bibliographical references page The findings of this survey have recently reduced this problem to a limited extent. Companies need to come up with new ideas to remain competitive. Thirdly, time constraint led to get narrower outcomes and finally, the knowledge constraint of the researcher was another limitation for this study.

Now a day the concept of customer service is widely used with he service of mobile phone companies. The results will be represented through Bar charts, Pie charts and written interpretations. Coming up with innovative service is easier than making subscribers aware of services.

So, it is very important for GrameenPhone to know whether their customers are satisfied or not.customer satisfaction level of GrameenPhone Ltd.

Customer Satisfaction of Grameenphone Limited

whether they feel comfortable, enjoy and want to be loyal or not. The underline idea of this report is to give brief knowledge about the telecom market in Bangladesh and about the service level of number one mobile operator company; GrameenPhone Ltd. Augst 15, Masud Ibna Rahman Assistant Professor Faculty of Business & Economics Daffodil International University Sukrabad, Dhanmondi, Dhaka Sub: submission of term paper on Customer Satisfaction of Grameen phone Ltd.5/5(8).

This is an Internship report on the customer satisfaction level of Grameenphone Ltd. Hence through this report I have tried to find out GP’s position in cellular phone industry and the services that Grameen phone is presently providing to its valued customers & their satisfaction level.

15 million people out of million total citizen of Bangladesh are presently using cell phone; it means that out of every 9 people one is using cell phone. Customer Satisfaction Towards E-Banking Services: a Case Study on Ific Bank Ltd.

Words | 26 Pages emails or internet connections regardless of where the client is located. Read this Business Essay and over 88, other research documents. Customer Satisfaction Level of Grameenphone Ltd. 1. Background of the Report Introduction Topic of my internship project is “Assessing Customer Satisfaction of GrameenPhone.” I /5(1).

Customer satisfaction level of grameenphone ltd
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