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An Essay on the United Nations Organization (UNO)

But the result of this selfish policy was the Second World War. This went on till the dissolution of the Soviet Union in The biggest triumph of the U. The situation was saved, by the timely intervention of the UNO, which secured the independence of these states.

Essay on the United Nations Organization

Other members who are desirous of entering the club can become members by a resolution adopted by the General Assembly and on the recommendations of the Security Council.

It is, therefore, small wonder that the Essay united nations organisation of the Asian and African countries or the developing world take a back seat in the world organisation. That is why 24th October is celebrated as the United Nations Day throughout the world. The organization is based on the principle of sovereign equality of all its members.

In as-many-as fifty-one nations met at San Francisco and signed the U. It believed in the equality of all nations, whether big or small. The war engulfed many countries of the world. A conference was called at San Francisco which was attended by all the Allied Powers.

The United Nations develop friendly relations between nations and take appropriate measures to strengthen the universal peace.

It is the world body which came into existence on October 24, at the end of the Second World War. It does not have coercive force. This is the secret of its strength. She took the leading part in bringing about an armistice in Korea and in Indo-China.

Over the past two years these countries have been fighting and they have now just contacted the United Nation to establish peace. Another important organ is the international Court of Justice at Hague which decides over disagreements between nations about boundaries or interpretation of treaties.

It has five permanent members—U. It was signed in San Francisco.

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There are some Inter- Governmental agencies also. The same good zeal was exhibited by it when Pakistan attacked India in and So far it has refused to be a tool in the hands of any nation. Moreover, Asia and Africa, that represent the third world of the developing countries, were practically excluded from the League.

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Those states which signed the on 26 June are called the original members. In the representatives of twenty-six countries put their signatures to the United Nations Declaration drawn on the lines of Atlantic Charter.

An elephant and an ant cannot have the same position or status. The UNO has also helped India in the economic, social, educational, cultural and scientific development. Every permanent member of the Council has the power of veto.

One-third of the members retire after every three years. All members shall reduce problems with other countries without disputes that could erupt in breaching the peace.

In the fourth place, the UNO played a vigorous role in the civil war in Greece which was engineered by the foreign powers in that country.

The UNO is handicapped by some inherent shortcomings. The judges are those who are eminent Jurists in their own countries.

The issue was discussed first at Dumbarton Oaks Conference in October, This organization was planned at a Conference of Nations held at Dumbarton Oaks, U.S.A., and at another held a few months later at San Francisco. It was named the United Nations Organisation (UNO) and was inaugurated on October 24, The United Nations Organisation has seldom been out of the limelight, but it has now become a central focal point of world attention because the United States and the coalition gathered under the umbrella of the U.N., fought the Gulf War with the authorization of the U.N.

Security Council. words essay on United Nations Organization (Uno). The UNO was formed in after the end of the Second World War. After the failure of League of Nations, the need for the creation of a more powerful world body was felt.

The issue was discussed first at Dumbarton Oaks Conference in October, Essay # 1. Origin of the United Nations Organisation (UNO): It was the Atlantic Charter of which guaranteed the principle of equality of states and their freedom to choose any form of government that can be considered the origin of the UNO.

UNO stands for United Nations Organisation. It is the world body which came into existence on October 24, at the end of the Second World War. Obviously it was formed to save the world from the catastrophe of another World War. The United Nations Article 1 purpose is to maintain peace and security in the country with the conflict.

The United Nations will take effective measures for the removal of the threats to peace. They do this within the principles of justice and international law.

Essay united nations organisation
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