How to write affidavit of bona fide marriage letter for immigration

Where and how did you meet? Moreover, the most important thing is to get a good letter from the author, and you can undermine that if you make the process more difficult by requiring that the person go to a Notary Public.

Which will be most convincing? My response is always that they should do this only if it makes sense for their own financial planning is a couple. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at or email me at huang xhelgal. Susan lives in Ohio, and Kate lives in New Zealand.

So what I like to do in these situations is provide a sampling of communications over the duration for which the couple has been in contact. It also does not matter one bit whether the photographs are from an expensive wedding photographer, or from your uncle Mike had a couple too many drinks and was capturing shaky images on his iPhone.

What is an affidavit? This item is often ignored, but can be a very strong piece of evidence. Lease agreement and proof of payment.

While working in Spain Juliana falls in love with a handsome waiter named Ramon. Obviously, it is absolutely great if there is also talk about the relationship.

You do not need to document every dollar you spent, rather the point is to show that you did in fact organize a ceremony. Common types of relationships.

You can describe an event, for example, the wedding or a party. You should tell the reader your name, address, phone number, email address and your immigration status.

Proving a

As a rule of thumb, I submit between three and five in most cases. Unlike many other immigration attorneys I do not normally submit a sworn declaration by the foreign spouse applicant or U.

But anyone can be inobservant or forgetful, even though their marriage is the real thing. The goal is not to kill as many trees as possible by submitting a bankers box worth of paper that will only confuse and annoy everyone who has to deal with it.What is a bona fide marriage for immigration (visa) purposes?

we have simply asked the landlord to write a brief one-paragraph letter stating that the couples residing together make sure such a letter is on the landlord’s formal letterhead.

My question is do I have to turn in relationships evidence and affidavit of support along with. Proving a "Bona Fide" Marriage for Immigration Purposes Start planning now to prove that your marriage is the real thing, by gathering documents and preparing for your marriage interview.

by Ilona Bray, J.D. How To Write an Affidavit Letter of Support for a Bona Fide Marriage Affidavits or letters of support are not based on a specific form per se, and the applicant couple does not write them. Instead, they are a letter written to USCIS by someone who knows the couple well and who is willing to swear that the marriage in question is authentic.

I have a lot of clients that come to me with the same concern: they don’t have bona fides or “proof” that they are a married couple. USCIS requires that when you file an I based on your marriage to a U.S.

Citizen or green card holder that you must provide evidence that you are a married couple. CitizenPath has prepared an I affidavit sample that you may forward to friends or family that are willing to write a letter of support. The downloadable PDF file includes a list of the basic points that the writer should cover in the letter and the I affidavit sample.

Proving a bona fide (valid) marriage for immigration

In contrast, an affidavit or letter in support of a bona fide marriage as part of the immigration process is different and separate from the affidavit of financial support.

The affidavit usually called a Letter of Support is simply an objective account of the author’s knowledge about the couple’s marriage.

How to write affidavit of bona fide marriage letter for immigration
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