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Remains of aboriginal people in southern Sumatra have also been unearthed. Bythe Portuguese had been ousted, and were allowed to retain only the eastern part of Timor.

There is a vast underlying potential that still remains unexploited, but awaits the introduction of a clear national policy aimed at the exploitation of resources. Infor the first time in 40 years Indonesia became a rice exporter.

Resources and Economic Development: By the end of 16th century Islam had replaced Buddhism and Hinduism as the dominant religion, and the territory broke into several Islamic states. The Dutch rule also contributed to the nationalist cause by providing a common focus for resentment, and a desire for Indonesian independence.

The sedentary field gardening peasant system is widely employed in Java, Madura, parts of Sumatra, and some of the Lesser Sunde Islands.

Western and central Kalimantan and Sulawesi have few good roads. Among sedentary farmers wet-field rice cropping sawah is predominant. Above 5, feet 1, meters elevations this forest gives way to temperate upland forest of oak and magnolia trees.

The estate crops coffee, tea, palm oil, sugar, tobacco, etc. Oil, timber products, rubber and garments are the major exports. The greatest amount falls from December to March.

In Indonesia forcibly took over the island of Timor. The density of population within the nation, however, varies greatly from region to region; the islands of Java, Bali and Madura account for nearly two-thirds of the population. Most Chinese practice Buddhism and Confucianism.

Despite cultural complexity and ethnic diversity, nearly 88 percent of the people follow Islam, making it the largest Muslim country in the world today. Railroad transport is scarce in the country, and covers primarily Java and Madura. These fertile soils are derived from the ejecta of the volcanoes that cover parts of Sumatra, Java and western Sulawesi.

The biggest industries such as oil refining are state-owned, as well as those engaged in processing of agricultural and mineral products. However, foodgrain imports sharply declined during the s as population growth was checked.

Sulawesi is fringed by coral reefs and bordered by deep-sea trough on the south. Oil palms have been increasing in importance, and sugar production has been given impetus during recent years.

Prior to independence the Dutch administration paid little attention to mining industries as an instrument of economic development. Indonesia exports raw material in return for manufactured goods.

They got a new foreign master Indonesia when the old one the Dutch relinquished control over their territory. Because Indonesia is an acthepalegic nation, sea transport plays an important role in the movement of raw materials and agricultural produce from their source to market.

During the 84 five-year plan, the government relocated over 2 million people. Much of the remaining paved mileage is on Bali and Sumatra. In general, relief in the vicinity of the Java Sea in northern Java is low, contains several coral reefs, and is not volcanic.

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The fishing industry plays a minor role in the economy. The main center of such private industry is western Java, and the capital city of Jakarta. Refining is in the hands of foreign companies, although ownership remains with the government of Indonesia.

The southern side of the chain of mountains from Sumatra through Java contains a string of active volcanoes. Temperatures are a function of elevation rather than latitude.Essay on Indonesia ( Words) Article shared by: Early in the Chris­tian era, Indonesia came under the influence Indian civilization through a gradual influx of Indian traders, and Hindu and Buddhist missionaries.

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Indonesia—Asia’s Stumbling Giant Indonesia is a vast country. Its million people are spread out over some 17, islands that span an arc 3, miles long from Sumatra in the west to Irian Jaya in the east.

The Indonesia is a modern with all forms of media such as the Internet and satellite television, and people like to try new products and different kinds of fast food.

However, this change can have some serious effects. Strong Essays: The Republic of Indonesia Essay - The Republic of Indonesia is an archipelago situated in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Indonesia encompasses a total of 17, islands and borders Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and Malaysia.

Martial arts in Indonesia all started when the Chinese raced Indonesians brought the Chinese martial arts to Indonesia allowing Indonesian martial arts to develop. The martial arts depicted in Kho Ping Hoo and the movie ‘Merantau’ both .

Influence in indonesia essay
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