Mock test papers for intermediate amateur radio

Ofcom will then issue you with your new, upgraded radio licence and you can get started immediately on the Intermediate frequency allocations at up to 50 watts power.

The key is just that. First, a practical skills assessment is taken which demonstrates your competence in basic electronics. The Intermediate licence carries with it more privileges and also more responsibilities on you as a radio amateur.

Semiconductors was one of my weak areas as well, but it does get easier if you can talk to someone about what your struggling with.

Mock Test Papers For Intermediate Amateur Radio

I found the exam hard and used nearly the whole 2 hours to do it. The multiple choice questions sound easy in theory, but some questions will have several correct options to choose from, but one is more correct than the other two!

I am taking a rest for the next course, Jan to Junbut I hope to resume again for the next one. It aims to teach many of the fundamentals of radio in a stimulating way by actually undertaking practical tasks such as soldering, building a small project and a variety of other exercises, building on the experience you have gained as a Foundation licence holder.

The amount of work involved, especially for the advanced license, is not to be underestimated. Reply James Stevens Dec 18, The exam consists of 62 multiple choice questions which need to be completed in 2 hours.

This is followed by an examination of 45 multiple-choice questions each with four possible responses, which covers the remainder of the syllabus. Your success and comments have inspired me even more. Thanks, Reply Harry Weston Dec 19, I have just enrolled on the Advanced Bath course.

I found i also got into a groove with the studying, but now i have a big hole with nothing to study for! If you have passed the Intermediate exam you will receive an official result sheet confirming the pass from the invigilator on the day of the exam.

Intermediate The Next Step: Thank you very much for posting it. Would I do it Again? The Intermediate Licence Now that you have your amateur radio licence and have gained experience operating, it may be time for you to move on to an Intermediate licence. Ham Exams

The Intermediate Course Understandably the Intermediate course is longer and more challenging than the Foundation. Visit the Ofcom website to find out more. Your exam paper is marked on the spot by the invigilator straight after the exam so, as with the Foundation, there is no long wait to know whether you have passed or not.

The Exam Unlike the Foundation and Intermediate licenses no practical assessments are required and the the exam is pure theory. I took 13 months from M6 to M0.


Reply James Stevens Dec 19, You tutors do a great service to the amateur community, Alan Betts was my tutor and he was very patient, despite some school boy mistakes made by me through out the course!

The M6 was a breeze, with Intermediate being not much of a problem.

UK Amateur Radio Mock Tests

I am sure it will be a great benefit to future student. Thank you for a well written and revealing account of your studies, very useful to me especially as, of course, I have not seen the actual exam papers.

The advanced exam preparation certainly tested my grey matter and I tried to make good use of both QADV and Hamtests as well as reading the excellent books by Alan Betts and Steve Hartley.

What Happens After the Intermediate Exam? The Intermediate Exam Two methods of assessment are used.HamTests. Mock Amateur Radio Exam Training Questions.

Hamtests Update.

Welcome to the new Hamtests Site. We will be tweaking this over the coming days and weeks. The files will be uploaded shortly. Please don’t email about this, we’ve already explained they will be available soon. Adventures in Ham Radio. homework and sometimes a mock exam to test and intermediate is having the piece of paper signed for the HamTestOnline – Ham Radio Exam Courses and Practice TestsOnline courses and practice tests for the ham radio license exams Ham Radio Exam Courses Success guaranteed if you fail the amateur radio license exam.

The QRZ Practice Tests for amateur radio exams are free and open to the public. No previous or existing amateur license is required to participate.

Registration is necessary so that we can remember which test questions you've taken and how best to study. radio communications science, technology and practice sufficient to allow the licensed operator to work safely on the amateur radio bands.

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Mock Test Papers For Intermediate Amateur Radio – 571036

Practice exams are for those people who would like to study for a new US amateur radio license class. The questions contained within are provided by the Federal Communications Commission and are selected from the same sub-elements that would be used for an official license examination. offers free practice exams and flash cards to help you study for your amateur radio exam.

Mock test papers for intermediate amateur radio
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