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There are over ethnic groups in Nigeria; the three largest are the Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba in which the six geopolitical separates them into the cardinals. Likewise, non-believers, whether they are the intended target or collateral damage, deserve death, and killing them may be considered a moral duty.

The aftermath of this is the turning of some regions in Africa to a base of violence and insecuriity. They are impacted by disciplinary interests like cultural anthropology, religion, societal psychology, history, political science, geography, demography, weapons technology, communications, electronics, and forensics.

They commonly move from poorer countries, particularly Muslim states in the case of Europe, to wealthier ones to go to school or find work.

The main analysis accessible was by sexual orientation: This can be dated back Motives for terrorism essay the end of the British invasion in and the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Nigeria into the Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria in The conflict in the oil-rich region rose in the beginning of s as a result of to friction between International Oil Companies IOCs and a few delegates of the South-South ethnicities that sensed they were being marginalised without due pay from the IOCs.

Effects of the disturbing pace of poverty seems to be all-encompassing. First, at the government level states may use terrorism against their own people or other nations for several reason.

Third governments may resort to terrorism to eliminate normal political systems or because of fear of another system developing and being embraced by citizens. Unfortunately, instead of oil to turn Nigeria to the most economically vibrant country in the world with high level of prospect in every nook and cranny of the country, it has brought a bad omen for the Niger-Delta region and doom to the country as a whole.

There had persistent protest and demand for attention regarding development, employment, social amenities, and so on in the Niger Delta.

Over two thousand people were brutally murdered in a religious-related crisis in the middle-belt of the country, Jos. However, as Bruce Hoffman points out in Inside Terrorismethno-nationalist terrorism had been around decades before even the First World War.

Groups that comprise a "wing" of an insurgencyor are affiliated with aboveground, sometimes legitimate, political organizations often operate under these constraints. More often than not the groups goal may be nearly impossible to achieve. Though it is not the main cause for terrorism, religion does play a significant role in driving some forms of it.

Thousands of lives were lost, billion of Naira was spent, and even nearly dwindled the unity of the country. By limiting their attacks they reduce the risk of undermining external political and economic support.

Federalism that undermines the sovereignty of its component will cause conflict, a peril to national peace and unity, and critical breakup. Losses among their co-religionists are of little account, because such casualties will reap the benefits of the afterlife.Terrorism is a global problem.

Hunter S. Thompson said, “Terrorists don't wear uniforms, and they play by inscrutable rules — The Rules of World War III, which has already begun.". Free Essay: Terrorism is a type of violence used tactically in peace, conflict, and war. The threat of terrorism is ever present, and an attack is likely to.

For terrorism, three protagonists are involved, first is the terrorist, second being the victim(s), and the last is the audience which is supposed to be affected indirectly through the actions of the terrorists, mainly through fear and anxiety (Ackerman, ).

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Before dealing with religion and culture as motivations for terrorism, there is a need to define these two convoluted terms. Many scholars have tried and are still trying to define them, and yet, like 'terrorism', there is no definition that generates consensus, rather a set of definitions that complete each other.

Motives for Terrorism This Essay Motives for Terrorism and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • November 22, • Essay • 1, Words (5 Pages) • Views. Terrorism Research Goals and Motivations of Terrorists Ideology and motivation will influence the objectives of terrorist operations, especially regarding the casualty rate.

Motives for terrorism essay
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