Musharraf convinced chenab formula is the

This is an unfortunate reality, which must be carefully addressed from technical and political perspectives.

The brigadier argued that there were three core issues in the region. It had snapped rail, road and air links but there was no reference to water.

The meeting concluded that the Chenab Formula should be the basis of discussion with India to resolve the Kashmir conflict. While he did not indicate preference for any particular formula, the media quoted so-called sources close to the General as advocating the Chenab Formula.

The envoy returned to Islamabad on April 1,oblivious of the meeting that had taken place between the army chief and the Prime Minister. Otherwise, the concerns expressed by Brigadier Pervez Musharraf at the Royal College of Defence Studies in London in may prove to be too overwhelming for the optimism expressed by the President of Pakistan on various occasions throughout With a small twist to this proposal, consider the hypothetical situation, as suggested by many experts, of only Kashmir being a part of Pakistan, and entire Jammu province and Ladakh under India.

This was interpreted as subtle advocation of the Chenab Formula. Western donors, especially the US, suspended cash flows to Pakistan.

He argued that an autonomous Kashmir was not acceptable as it would be difficult to safeguard the freedom acquired. In Decemberwhen terrorists attacked the Indian Parliament, India blamed Pakistan and withdrew its High Commissioner, in protest.

The developments of the last 30 years compel the final settlement to be comprehensive if it really has to be final and enduring. In Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi, there was little regret about the breaking down of rail, road and air links — the greatest apprehension was water. If there were a war between the two countries ostensibly on any other issue, Pakistan would finally aim to control the river catchment areas.

While applying for a post in the government of Kashmir Pakistanthe applicant has to sign an affidavit affirming their belief in the ideology of "Kashmir banega Pakistan" Kashmir will become Pakistan. This period saw new heights in people-to-people contacts such as a warm reception for the Indian cricket team, numerous political leaders visiting Pakistan, unprecedented sojourns of Pakistani journalists and pilgrims to Kashmir in India.

After meeting the Kashmiri leaders, the source said, Gen Musharraf made a telephone call to Mr Clinton and informed him about the developments taking place in the region. For more than forty years the two countries have avoided conflict over water despite three wars over issues pertaining to land.

A clause in the Indus Waters Treaty ofsigned between Pakistan and India, explicitly prohibits linkage between the water issue and the general position of both parties on the Kashmir issue.

The public debate has always focused on issues of terrorism, human rights and the legality of accession. Is there a Remedy? It is an anti thesis of the stereotype, precise of technical details and up to date.

Even academic seminars involving scholars from the two countries rarely debate on the issue. Building dams in Kashmir can irrigate Punjab and Sindh. It advocated using Chenab River as the border.

It continued despite the change of government in India when Dr. The jihadi leaders were clear they wanted a united Kashmir. As a Muslim majority state, it should belong to Pakistan.

The paper provided a new analytical framework to define the security paradigm in South Asia. It is important to note that Maulana Fazlur Rehman was then reportedly engaged in quiet negotiations with General Musharraf on power sharing and a role for himself in Islamabad.

Pakistan would then have complete control over only the Indus, Jhelum, and some of their tributaries. However, this suggestion evoked very strong criticism from all political and jihadi leaders of Pakistan as it meant bifurcation of Kashmir.

It also engages sections of population in far-flung parts of the two countries. In Novemberon a cool afternoon in New York, a Pakistani head of an international political organization, with very strong network in the Pakistani army and political parties, met a senior ICPI functionary.

Perhaps, some other formula could be worked out but the fundamental determinant should be water. Since then, a lively debate has ensued in the Pakistani press, which continues till date with the President, Prime Minister, senior army officers and leaders of various Kashmiri groups offering their views underlining the centrality of water in India-Pakistan relations.

But details of what happened in the last few months of Nawaz Sharif Government and the role played by General Musharraf are newsy and revealing. The meeting took place at the Manhattan office of the political organization, a few blocks away from the UN office.

One evident outcome of such an arrangement would be the dissolving of the Indus Waters Treaty, as the political status of Kashmir would change. Officials are working on a plan under which either the president would invite Mr Vajpayee for informal talks over tea or the Indian primer would call on Mr Musharraf under the conventional protocol.

The peace process initiated at Islamabad in January proved to be most sustainable. In Chapter 9 the book describes the Chenab Formula as follows: The brigadier returned to Pakistan to briskly climb the ladder of the army ranks.

Little known is the fact that as per the Kashmir Pakistan charter, a person who does not uphold the vision of accession to Pakistan cannot stand for elections or even aspire for a job in the government.Musharraf Convinced Chenab Formula is the Only Acceptable Solution of Kashmir - By Shaheen Sehbai South Asia Tribune, March 10 WASHINGTON, March Pakistan Army Chief General Pervez Musharraf is fully convinced that the so called “Chenab Formula” is the only acceptable solution to the Kashmir dispute, a new book published by a.

Similarly, they would reject the “Chenab” formula, under which the state would be repartitioned along the bed of the Chenab river, which would leave most Kashmiri Muslims in Pakistan.

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Water ready to boil in Chenab on Baglihar. July 13, Indian Element in Pak's identity July 2, Water can it become the reason for an indo-Pakistan war? May 30 - June 5, Driven by need, not politics. May 29, The Final Settlement: Restructuring India-Pakistan Relations.

"We are willing to give Musharraf anything he wants, but he cannot have the valley," the source said, dismissing reports that the Chenab formula – partitioning Kashmir along the Chenab river.

Musharraf Convinced Chenab Formula is the Only Acceptable Solution of Kashmir. By Shaheen Sehbai. WASHINGTON, March Pakistan Army Chief General Pervez Musharraf is fully convinced that the so called “Chenab Formula” is the only acceptable solution to the Kashmir dispute, a new book published by a leading Indian think-tank has revealed.

reference: Shaheen Sehbai, Musharraf Convinced Chenab Formula is the Only Acceptable Solution of Kashmir - Part 1, South Asia Tribune, March 10, Part two is supposed to be out now, and i will look for it soon along with some more references for a SFG stub.

Musharraf convinced chenab formula is the
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