Octapace culture

The sampling is taken from selected IT companies in Bangalore city. A detailed explanation to each of them is given in the document attached.

Individuals, instead of solving their problems by themselves, share their concerns with one another and prepare strategies, work out plans of action, and implement them together. This value is important for the development of a culture of mutuality. They face the issues squarely without hiding them or avoiding them for fear of hurting each other.

According to Udai Pareek, the culture-related concepts also can be seen a multilevel concepts. The third level concept relates to Octapace Octapace culture which is distinct factor that affects the development of someone or something.

These values are openness, confrontation, trust, authenticity, pro-action, autonomy, collaboration and experimentation This research has assessed the organizational culture of IT companies by using OCTAPACE Tool and Octapace culture a plan of action to change the culture if required for a better organizational performance.

If an organization encourages people to recognize a problem, bring it to people concerned, explore with them to under it and search possible ways of dealing with it. Each alphabet stands for a particular dimension or value. They anticipate issues and act or respond to the needs of the future.

At the core first level are the values, which give distinct identity to a group. This is the basic ethos of the group. If the level of trust is low, the various dimensions of HRS are likely to be seen with suspicion and therefore the credibility of the system may go down.

I am doing project in " Organisational Climate Survey ". A profile of an orgn on these aspects may help to decide what elements of HRS should be introduced in what sequences in the organization. Organizations can be classified in continuum from completely open to completely close.

Such a climate is characterized as consisting of the following characteristics i. Individuals instead of solving their problems by themselves share their concerns with one another ands prepare strategies working out plan of actions and implement them together. It in the later action is in response to an act from some source, while in the former the action is taken independently of act form the other source.

However, they will tend to be towards one or the other end. The degree of openness of the organization is an important factor in determining the nature of various dimensions of HRD being designed.

A minimum level of trust may be deemed necessary for the introduction of the performance appraisal system and other elements of HRD. Pareek is used for data collection.

Pareek defines ethos as "underlying spirit of character or group and is the root of culture" The second level concept is climate which can be defined as the perceived attributes of an organization and its members, groups and issues.

Register Here Prime Sponsor:culture is the environment of beliefs, customs, knowledge, practices, and conventionalized behaviour of a particular social group.” Almeida, Song, & Grant, ():highlighted an. Jan 19,  · octapace: You can find out more about the organization culture with the help of the instrument OCTAPACE.

Each alphabet stands for. The most important aspect of organizational culture are the values it practices.

What Is Octapace, How It Is Done?

Eight values may be examined to develop the profile of an organizational culture that is called octapace it OPENNESS, CONFRONTATION, TRUST, AUTHENTICITY, PROACTIVELY, AUTONOMY, COLLABORATION, AND EXPERIMENTING.

OCTAPACE culture is extremely important for promoting the organizational effectiveness and good Governance. In this context, the present paper is an endeavour Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to. Commitment of employees) Balancing Adaption To And Changing Organisational Culture ± There is no standard form of HRS, it should be 5/5(5).

A Study of Organizational Culture: Octapace-Profile Ms. Sadaf Fatima Head of Department,School of Management Studies,Aligarh College of Engineering and Management,Aligarh(UP) Abstract: This research aims to understand what organizational culture is, and to measure the OCTAPACE value of the employees working in Heinz.

Octapace culture
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