Public healthcare reform in hong kong essay

Long-term financial sustainability of current system is highly questionable. The medical profession enjoys a privilege to self-regulate without interference and adequate oversight from external organization. There are about registered practitioners of Traditional Chinese medicine. The existing system is generally equitable, efficient and cost-effective.

Under the plan, Government funding would not automatically go to the public health sector. The burden of financing these services will soon become even heavier due to the aging population.

It shows that the health finance debate In Hong Kong Is not a simple Issue that can be tackled by rational planning; instead, it is a complex consequence of welfare politics in an increasingly embroiled society.

The consultation report was published in December Also, public financing of inpatient services becomes increasingly less well targeted to low income people. What is really important is the way the money is used and how well the facilities are managed Hong Kong Government,p.

Also the political feasibility of the status quo makes this option attractive. Strengths Hong Kong has a relatively equitable health care system.

Healthcare in Hong Kong

Second, the six possible supplementary healthcare financing options, including i social health insurance; ii out-of-pocket payments; iii medical savings accounts; iv voluntary private health insurance; v mandatory private health insurance; and vi personal healthcare reserve a combination of iii and v.

In this section, three important strengths and four fundamental weaknesses are highlighted. The financial burden of health services is financed in an equitable manner, and health services are reasonably equally distributed by geographical region. It may seem that other major stakeholders will remain unaffected; in the long run, however, the general public could be adversely affected.

Quality of Care needs to be improved for higher patient satisfaction and shorter queuing and waiting time. The government stated that, The lesson of public health services all over the world is that increased expenditure does not necessarily translate into higher standards.

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While they suggested that Hong Kong had an equitable and efficient healthcare system, there was insufficient oversight on the system. The government admitted that the HRP mechanism was the most contentious issue in the public consultation, and further exploration and consultation is required. In the sass, public health services continued to expand: The fees charged by these clinics are determined by he market and are not subject to government regulation.

In terms of DOC In the following we will first analyze the five proposals by Harvard Team and three proposals we come up with. Hong Kong lacks effective measure to ensure that patients receive comprehensive, highly quality medical care. Doing nothing to change the system will forfeit the opportunity to overcome compartmentalization, improve quality and efficiency, meet the future needs of Hong Kong population, and manage overall health expenditure inflation.

Comparing with other countries, the health care system in Hong Kong has much strength. Other healthcare discipline programs are dispersed among some other universities which do not host a medical faculty.

It suggested that there was a broad consensus over the service reforms. It was hoped that such policies could help to improve the Hospital Authority revenue and reduced demand on public health services such as the accident and emergency services.

Maintaining the Status Quo Description: It is estimated that the dropped features will be implemented in the next stage through legislation, probably after two to three years. It will be launched earliest by if consensus can be reached among the public.

As the government spending for health care increases, less fund will be available for other important areas such as education or infrastructure.

Social Security Policy In Hong Kong Social Work Essay

Also the political feasibility of the status quo makes this option attractive. Recommendations on different aspects of the future service delivery model were made. Every resident has equal access to essential health care. Implications for meeting objectives and for major stakeholders: The report also raised doubt on the long-term financial sustainability of the system.

This paper describes the development of health services and the debates that have surrounded health financing since the late sass. But it was shelved due to public resentment. However, all its proposals, with the exception of a medical fee increase, have been met with strong resistance, and no decisions have been reached.

In the process, conflicts have arisen mongo various stakeholders and social classes, though all agree that some types of reform is necessary.In terms of DOC /sphere.

enhancing, the private sector is mainly funded From the sass onwards, there has been a heavier reliance on public health services in Hong Kong, due to improvements in these services and to the increasing number of people without the funds for private care.

Keywords: Health Finance, Health Policy, Health Services, Hong Kong, Public Health Services INTRODUCTION The earliest public health services in Hong Kong were mainly devoted to combating communicable diseases.

In Hong Kong, the major health care system reform initiative in the ’s to ’s was the formation of the Hospital Authority in The Hospital Authority exercise was. All public health care services in Hong Kong are regulated by the Food and Health Bureau, HKSAR.

Hong Kong Health Care System

The major role of it is setting up policies and distributing resources to public healthcare services to operate and providing service for. Public healthcare. Free treatment, with small co-payments, is available to people with a Hong Kong identity card and to resident children under the age of Between and public spending on healthcare increased by 30%.

In /5, it was about 17% of all government expenditure. Drug price policy in Chinese public hospitals.


Healthcare reform to open access. When China enters a new era in medicine, using more technology than ever, how China should carefully manage their expenditure to cure more NCDs. China & Hong Kong Management Consulting Leader, Health Industries Leader and Consumer & TMT .

Public healthcare reform in hong kong essay
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