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It is only glancingly concerned with the sea. It is solely about how MacArthur made her unerring way, by force of will, from knockabout dinghy to the multimillion-pound machine she sailed around the world. Glad I bought it.

But in a vague and general way. And, alone, she does it. She is clear-headed and pragmatic about these people and their value to her enterprise. My life was out of control, and at that moment there seemed nothing I could do about it.

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But MacArthur drives and commands her world with instinctive leadership. This is what ocean racing is all about now, and the sea and its mystical, sweeping, moody magnificence is relegated to a footnote.

This is more true at the beginning of the book and less true at the end. Her dedication and indeed determination over decades is amazing. This is not a sailing book.

This - shown here in detail - is what it takes to win. Best part about this book?

Taking on the World by Ellen Mac Arthur Analysis.

It gives a bright picture of an outstanding young woman driven towards her goals and it was great to see her achieve them. Her life is told with great honesty and poignancy, covering not just her many successes, but also her failures for example, her failure to get into vet school.

I was on the edge of my seat every time she described having to climb the mast under terrifying Antarctic conditions and was vastly relieved every time she made it safely back down to the deck.

I snapped, so distressed that I began punching the stairs and crying with sheer frustration. I would have liked to hear about more specific support team incidents builders, mechanics etc and how these fed into the final outcome.

Taking on the World

She has of course a crew and manpower behind her. Her win in the Route du Rhum from France to the Caribbean in is tacked on in just a few pages at the end. And I learned that while I admire such daring exploits - when I head off on my own long term sailing adventures, I will certainly be heading straight for warmer climes!

She becomes, with concentrated application and training, an engineer and technician who, alone at sea, in addition to famously climbing a mast many times unaided during stormy weather, can strip down and repair broken hydraulic gear, computer circuitry, and by intelligence and mechanical aptitude, overpower and control the gigantic physical forces generated around her.

I had no clue what conditions in extreme solo racing were really like when I picked up this book. There are no fulsome paragraphs about waves and sunsets and oneness - ocean racing is no longer about that. Her mastery of a multitude of arcane disciplines would do credit to James Bond. It follows the usual course: Like an ever-darting, money-seeking minnow, she navigates a sure course through the world of corporate sponsorship.

Its matey, girl-next-door heroine possesses the full complement of skills required by the modern competitive sailor, with a completeness found in few others. One is left full of admiration, and wondering mightily what this journeying heroine will achieve next.

She is unusually frank about her life, her emotions, her frustrations, her relationships with men and the unhappiness and loneliness that come with such a rigorous command. Every early sailing step she ever made takes up the first half of the book. She creates a whirlwind with her ambition and, positioned at its vortex, she is spun and ripped by it.Edexcel IGCSE Taking on the World Notes - Ellen MacArthur.

Taking on the world Dame Ellen MacArthur first hit the headlines in when she raced single-handedly non-stop around the world in the Vendée Globe when only 24 years old. After 94 days at sea, Ellen returned to a different life, she had come second in one of the hardest races in offshore sailing and the response was massive.

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From Taking on the World Ellen MacArthur became famous in when she competed in the Vendée Globe solo round-the-world yacht race. She was the youngest.

Taking on the World has ratings and 25 reviews. Ben said: Who is this Dame Ellen MacArthur? In 'she raced single-handedly non-stop around the wo /5.

An Essay to analyse an Extract From “Taking On the World” By Ellen MacArthur By: Sophie Tulloch 10S1 Throughout the piece of writing, ‘Taking on the World” Dame Ellen MacArthur communicates fear in a lot of different ways, using a lot of different techniques.

From Taking on the World Ellen MacArthur became famous in when she competed in the Vendée Globe solo round-the-world yacht race.

She .

Taking on the world ellen macarthur essay writer
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