The convergence of the internet with other technologies

Mobile[ edit ] "Mobile service provisions" refers not only to the ability to purchase mobile phone services, but the ability to wirelessly access everything: Self-regulation is promoted by the industry.

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The five major elements of media convergence—the technological, the industrial, the social, the textual, and the political—are discussed below.

The paradigm shift that followed the digital revolution assumed that new media was going to change everything. By the arrival of media convergence meant that when the British Broadcasting Corporation recommissioned Doctor Who after 16 years off the air, the new series had an explicitly transmedia format, with such material as specially produced short online episodes, Web sites set within the Doctor Who world, and podcast commentaries on the televised episodes.

The term social media refers to technologies, platforms, and services that enable individuals to engage in communication from one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many. Particularly in initial forms, converged devices are frequently less functional and reliable than their component parts e.

Three Types of Convergence – Is the Future Friendly?

Chatbots represent a way for brands, businesses, and publishers to interact with users without requiring them to download an app, become familiar with a new UI, or configure and update regularly.

From a user perspective, form factor plays a role in the efficiency of the converged technologies. It is the foundation for getting data and keeping the Big Data engine running and improving e. The German startup Trivid GmbH has developed Clipgenerator that enables users to create personal music videos with popular chart music and to share them in social communities such as FacebookMyspace and Bebo.

These fan films build on long-standing practices of the fan community but they also reflect the influence of this changed technological environment that has dramatically lowered the costs of film production and distribution.

Making sure that enabling technologies are doing as much heavy lifting and enrichment as possible frees up Procurement professionals to do the strategic work required to create value and competitive advantage for the organization and colleagues we support.

These three technologies fit perfectly together and, taken as a whole, represent a significant evolution in the capacity of organisations to become more efficient and effective. The growing amount of human-oriented and machine generated data will drive substantial opportunities for AI support of unstructured data analytics solutions.

Accordingly, Big Data technologies and predictive analytics enable streamlining of industrial processes. The reaction of various firms to convergence will be determined by the inertial forces affecting the company. With the boom of the Internet and mobile technology during the s, it was now likely for a consumer to enjoy both broadcasting and telecommunication services using different avenues.

So, to define where their team needs to be in the future, CPOs should instead look at what value proposal the business will expect in the future, then, translate it into the capabilities talent, technology,… that they have to build or develop.

technological convergence

Just as Google Docs has made collaborative word processing seamless across the globe, so will blockchain technologies do to entire business processes and workflows. Originally, the primary purpose of computers is for documentation, but now, it is designed for handling and processing information OECD, n.

The competition among market forces have reached greater heights Babe, n. Manufacturers now integrate more advanced features, such as video recording, GPS receivers, data storage, and security mechanisms into the traditional cellphone. The Emergence of Convergence Cable television is one of the earliest instances of the technical dimension of convergence.

It is important that these concerns should be addressed and it can have an impact on the type of technology to be availed of NECCC, n.The underestimated impact of the convergence of AI, IoT and big data analytics How the advancements in several third platform technologies, innovation accelerators and other technologies – and their convergence – drive next generation applications and why and where it matters.

Vehicles are at the forefront of a major convergence happening that includes a few key technologies: 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Data Management (Big Data, Analytics, Visualization, etc.), Cloud Technologies, and IoT. A New Era for Big Data in Procurement: The Convergence of The Internet of Things, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence By Bertrand Maltaverne Photo by.

Media convergence is the interlinking of computing and other information technologies, media content, media companies and communication networks that have arisen as the result of the evolution and popularization of the Internet as well as the activities, products and services that have emerged in the digital media space.

Media convergence, phenomenon involving the interconnection of information and communications technologies, computer networks, and media content. It brings together the “three C’s”—computing, communication, and content—and is a direct consequence of the digitization of media content and the popularization of the Internet.

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The convergence of the internet with other technologies
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