The world has become a safer

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You just take in consideration the ones who act dumbly to get a grip on any woman. Divorce Kill the no fault, divorce should be a final option under severe circumstances, make the parties work and work it out first 3. When did western societies did stop to develop in a natural order? I now assume that once a problem has been identified, folks will eventually solve it or find a way to manage it.

I disagree, equal justice before the courts and high penalties for violent crimes and killing off the current poisonous society of entitlement sans responsibility will make all members productive and engaged fearful of risking their relative freedom and safety of courts ruling against them.

In that logic, why not granting women the ownership? From where did you get this information. IF and when all of human kind realizes the responsibility and accountability of their actions, you will nearly eliminate crime, but for right now society REWARDS shiftiness, laziness, entitled mindset and ENABLES crime by failing to deal with criminals immediately, severely and EQUALLY…Justice is a joke, justice has been corrupted by special interests, tiered punishment based on wealth and personal connections.

Before coming to MIT, I believed certain problems were simply too hard for human beings to address. They would just have to falsely accuse their wife, the biased jury of adult all-male peers would prove them right, they would be free to buy a younger woman, the last one would be sullied and abandoned.

It would be for their own good and they would be safer and so the whole planet. Less child mortality and death during childbirth women giving birth younger combined with better healthcare hence greater chances of survival Kill off the no responsibility mindset of irresponsible sex, make women take responsibility for their choices and do away with abortion.

Do you think that, with the same education, a boy becomes a responsible man, worthy representative of the human race, while his sister remains an immature little girl, unworthy representative of the human race? Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

In retrospect, though, my skepticism simply reflected my failure of imagination. Until that is remedied directly and firmly through accountability and personal responsibility and people being forced to work by not being supported artificially through welfare and freebies…nothing else can be accomplished.

Less domestic violence as women would avoid damaged men, having no personal resources and hitting your woman would be like keying your own car: Maybe both feminists and masculinists should take some distance. Terrible damages had been caused to it and the only ones at fault are women?

Being a negotiable asset this is what makes them bitter penis slicers, a no go solution If they want protection and support, they must EARN IT and provide real trust and loyalty or give them the boot on disloyalty to make it on their own. By making half of the population a slave to the other half, you put the whole human race at risk of self-destruction.

Too often, though, their names remain unknown; their contributions, unacknowledged. Mothers are the ones who pass on most of the genes, carry pregnancy to full-term, feed and raise children.

According to the U. No women in the military or police yes, these jobs require strength and dedication. So men just have to enslave them and it would be okay?

Would The World Be Safer For Women If They Were Declared The Legal Property Of Men?

I can sense tyranny, not protection. You disregard nurses, farmers, teachers or whoever sane female workers who earn and use resources properly. What do you mean by natural order? Conservative governments elected by men would favor traditional families over leeches and degenerates.

First, the ingenuity of our minds has always scaled with the magnitude of our calling. Raju There is no rule of gang rape in sharia law. Contrary to the oft-heard refrain, though, that the world is becoming more dangerous -- or, according to some observers, has never been more dangerous -- it has actually never been safer.Some scholars refer to the period between – as the long peace.

With only two world hegemons and the world’s balance ruled by MAD policy and deterrence, some would argue that it was a more stable and a safer place. However, we do have to re. Jul 16,  · Psychologist Steven Pinker's book The Better Angels of Our Nature explains that the world is actually growing less violent, even though the media may give a different impression.

Become an NPR. Aug 26,  · Rating is available when the video has been rented. John McCain Has Gone is The World Safer?

The World Is Becoming Safer, Wealthier and Healthier

Category News & Politics;. “Germany has become safer,” Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said on Tuesday, as the figures were released, but he warned “much remains to be done,” as 44 per cent of Germans said they.

Apr 08,  · Is the world safer now that the cold war is over and the world has become unipolar? Update: in the three years following the second world war, the american defense budget, which has soared during the war years, decreased Status: Resolved.

How Activision Blizzard Has Become a Safer Stock World of Warcraft: Legion, was released in Q3 -- it sold million copies in one.

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The world has become a safer
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