To what extent did australia enlist

The financial cost and the immeasurable price of the loss of human life have a devastating effect on a nation and its people for generations to come. Meetings were held in every town and village where politicians, priests, and local To what extent did australia enlist exhorted men to do their patriotic duty.

It was not a decision they made alone. See image 1 Australia, although a Federation sincewas still a member of the British Empire. On some days, more than 10, men enlisted. When, reluctantly, the government introduced conscription in Marchit found no great reservoir of manpower to tap.

This opposition had little to do with Australia herself and more to do with being against the British mistreatment of rebels in Ireland in There were far more volunteers than the government could arm or equip, and most had to spend months training in civilian clothes, without proper weapons.

News filtered down to Australian papers through the British and American media which had heightened already outrageous stories to create mass hysteria for the downfall of Germany.

It was indeed this growing social pressure which helped maintain the flow of volunteers well into In his case, his sister urged him to volunteer, but his father refused to countenance the idea.

By Christmashundreds of thousands had come forward, and this continued well into Those who sailed against Turkey were the fittest, strongest, and most ardent in the land. All these rumours have since been discredited. But others faced painful choices. Officer Training Corps had prepared middle and upper class schoolboys for leadership, and given them some rudimentary training.

There were rumours throughout the camp about where they would fight and in April it was confirmed that the Australians, alongside their New Zealand comrades, would attempt an invasion of Turkey to open the Black Sea to the Allies as a supply route for beleaguered Russia.

The government wanted other countries to be feared of Australia.

Australia`s duty

Some trade unions were opposed to the war in general out of concern that there would be a shortage of workers because they would be killed.

Australia became involved in WW1 for a lot of reasons. After the casualty lists of Gallipoli were published, a sense of duty to country and fallen comrades were more often given by soldiers as their reason for enlisting. Siegfried Sassoon was one who enlisted, together with his horse, on reading in The Times that volunteers would be needed in the event of war.

Strikingly the only areas where volunteering fell below the high national average rate were in the countryside, where young men were exposed to less social pressure, and in places like rural Wales, where there was a tradition of pacifism. Instead of going to Britain, which everyone had expected, the troops were diverted to Egypt, largely because it was feared the Australians would not withstand the terrible English winter in makeshift camps on Salisbury Plain.

As Australia is still a part of the British Empire, we were pressured in joining the war and fighting for what they most respected.

At Fromelles on Julythe Australians suffered 5, casualties overnight on what was described as the worst day ever in Australian history. Arriving in late May they received an enthusiastic reception from the French people, who were amazed men would travel from the ends of the earth to help France in its greatest crisis.

When taking the statistics into consideration, it is not surprising that volunteers made up the main expeditionary force in the Australian Army in World War I.

National consensus Why did so many volunteer? The recruits were wildly popular in their various marches and parades in each of the capital cities and as the first troopships departed Australian shores in late October there were large crowds on hand to say farewell. By July of the minimum height requirements had fallen to 5 feet 2 inches and the age limit had risen from 38 to Because WW1 started after federation Australia still showed a lot of loyalty to Britain and some of the solders considered that Britain as their home.

The narrative of voluntarism has given the British perception of World War I its particular poignancy. They formed an Association, and wore a large badge to cover their civilian shame. War is announced Horse lines at Broadmeadows Military Camp. Peer pressure Undoubtedly the narrative of young men volunteering in a shared mood of patriotic enthusiasm has some strength.

For many men of military age the call to arms initiated a period of soul searching, often lasting for months.

Australia’s Contribution to WWI

With all the excitement surrounding the War, the recruitment offices were overwhelmed with enrolments. They also assisted in influencing political objectors who usually belonged to left-wing movements such as the Australian Labor Party. Since the Boer War there had been calls for conscription.To what extent did Australian’s enlist in to defend the ‘Mother Country’?

There are many reasons to why Australian’s went to war in the ; everyone had different reasons for applying for this life- threatening job. May 27,  · To what extent did Australians enlist in to defend the mother country - History bibliographies - in Harvard style Change style powered by CSL Popular.

Why did so many volunteer? There was a huge recruiting campaign, led by newspaper advertisements, and supported by posters, including Reginald Leete’s famous image of a mustachioed Kitchener.

To what extent did Australians enlist in to defend the ‘Mother country’? World War 1, the war to end all wars, lasted from It was triggered by the assassination of the Archduke of Austria, Franz Ferdinand which led to a. The rush to enlist. At the start of World War I, Australia was a nation of around four million people.

This meant that there was a potential pool of aroundmen of ‘fighting age’ (between 19 and 38). Australia would be sending its ‘best’ examples of Australian males.

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To what extent did australia enlist
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