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Warburg revealed that cancerous cells are the result of dysfunctional mitochondria and that they use glucose instead of oxygen to fuel the mitochondria.

There is also a refund policy in place which states that if you are not completely satisfied with the product, you will receive your money back, no questions asked. Susan White has been a medical researcher for 35 years and in Underground health reporter book review experience he has become into contact with health information that has not been made available to the general public.

The Secret of Underground Medicine has revealed these therapies and remedies that were otherwise unknown to the general public for nefarious reasons, but now every person can benefit and live their best, healthiest life.

The stimulus for this change of fuel from oxygen to glucose can be genetic or environmental, but as Warburg noted, once they start burning glucose, the cells are at risk of turning into cancerous tumors.

In his research he claimed to have uncovered the cause for cancer and the potential way to fight the disease. This mitochondrial dysfunction directly leads to uncontrolled cell proliferation i.

Is it Worth Buying? Diseases and solutions for chronic conditions Nutrient K — a nutrient that most of us are deficient in and has cardiovascular protecting capabilities The devastating side effects of prescription drugs The latest in health solutions Ways to extend your longevity and well being with the Methuselah Diet Unlock the secret to unlimited energy, muscle tone and boosting testosterone Along with the Secrets of Underground Medicine, you will receive two free reports.

The book and the reports are free when subscribing to the newsletter. The content includes information regarding: He became so disillusioned with the pharmaceutical and medical industry; he decided to take it on himself to set up a think tank to bring proven, natural disease therapies to the common man.

Processed foods, stressful living and environmental toxins are all playing a role in actively reducing our health and longevity. Cancer is becoming par for the course, as are other diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and arthritis.

How to Survive a Hospital Stay — This report includes advice on how to ensure your surgery goes smoothly and how to avoid post-operative infections.

Secrets of Underground Medicine Review: Is it Worth Buying?

Depending on the length of the subscription the pricing is as follows: The book centers on the findings of German scientist Otto Warburg and his research into cell respiration.

Secrets of Underground Medicine Review: To gain access to this book, one needs to subscribe to the monthly newsletter, which is full of important information on ways to restore your health and fight diseases. The natural immunological process that should rid the body of these mutated cells does not function in its normal capacity as it hinges on the abilities of mitochondria, which in these instances are dysfunctional.

Warburg discovered the method to cut of the fuel supply to these dysfunctional mitochondria, thus killing off the cancer cells. You can pick up a copy of Secrets of Underground Medicine today.

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The current solutions to these health problems are generally drugs, radiation, chemotherapy and surgery which at best are a stall and typically have devastating effects on the body. Using this research and theories, the Secrets of Underground Medicine delivers the relatively simple and inexpensive way to fight cancer.

However, these are not the only solutions, as claimed by Natural Health Response. You see, good health is becoming a rare commodity in contemporary times.

In every cell in the body, there are little powerhouses called mitochondria which are responsible for cellular respiration, which is the conversion of oxygen and food into the energy that powers your cells. The information provided in this package is easily affordable and all natural.

The Warburg method is described in detail in the text, along with remedies for diabetes, atherosclerosis, arthritis and decreasing prostate cancer risk to name a few.

The content offers in-depth information about proven remedies to reverse these debilitating conditions with the book, two free reports and a subscription to the Natural Health Response newsletter.Subscribe to our health e-newsletter and receive a FREE copy of the Coconut Oil Cures e-book.

Underground Health Reporter: Review Examining Danica Collins’ Book Released Share Article killarney10mile.com releases a review of Underground Health Reporter, a book that offers information regarding the many inexpensive, or even free, powerful health alternatives and the incredible number of regular health breakthroughs.

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Sep 13,  · Thanks for checking out my Secrets of Underground Medicine Review. There’s been a lot of buzz lately on the internet on this book so I wanted to give you a quick review on it.

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Startling discoveries in health and wellness and researched.

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